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The right NS fit

How healthy is your underwear for your nether region?

Even the sexiest underwear is not worth having a yeast infection for… trust me!
When you are looking for underwear to wear on the daily there are some things you need to consider.

Firstly, you need to make sure they are comfortable and every woman's body is different. These are some off the different underwear shapes you will find!

NS new styles cover the basics!

The Sophia is a blend between a Thong/G string. We have designed The Sophie to be comfortable with a thicker side and thin G at the back.
The Beth is a high cut brief. Support around the wait while still having a cheeky back.
The Anne is the classic pair you need every day very similar to a bikini. The Anne is perfect under any outfit and perfect for everyday comfort.

Secondly, make sure they aren't too tight!

Check NS size guide before purchasing.

Now lets get down to the fabric and why NeverSeam is so focused on cotton. If you wear g strings that are too tight and made from synthetic fabric it can lead to redness, chafing and even cuts in your skin!

The healthiest underwear which has been extensively researched is cotton! Not only will cotton provide more comfort, it will also provide more breathability.

NeverSeam is all about keeping your nether region happy and healthy and not skipping the sexy! They are all the facts you need to know about the right fit for your new NS collection.